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Environmentally Friendly Printing

Our green print option uses up to 95% less energy than Laser or Offset printing. We print on 100% recycled papers as standard. Our paper offcuts are soaked in water and fed to our worms or composted with any excess going into our recycle bin. We buy 14% green energy from Origin. And we minimise waste wherever possible with any waste generated being dealt with in the most environmentally friendly fashion.

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Facts About our Green Printing

  • Uses up to 95% less energy than laser or offset
  • Uses less resources than laser or offset
  • Our office only prints on 100% recycled post consumer waste paper
  • We avoid buying brand new machinery, opting for pre-loved wherever possible. By doing this we reduce the requirement for new materials, resources and energy required for the manufacture of new machinery
  • We reduce, reuse and recycle at every stage of our business
  • We genuinely care about our environment
  • When you choose to print on 100% recycled post consumer waste paper, your paper offcuts are soaked in tank water, are composted then turned into our on-site vegetable garden.
  • We have also introducted initiatives to benefit the environment and you, our customer. These include:

  • Using less energy, less resources and generating less waste than any other printer.
  • Source paper and envelopes from suppliers who use pulp from sustainable sources.
  • Recycling all waste material in a safe and responsible manner.
  • Offering a bicycle deliver service to customers within 5kms of our production office.
  • Planning all road deliveries to minimise gas emissions.
  • Minimising the consumption of natural resources and energy.
  • Complying with all environmental legislation.
  • Introducing file transfer protocol (FTP) to eliminate the need for CDs and DVDs - resulting in reduced landfill.
  • Recommending recycled paper to our customers.
  • Maintaining WPHS regulations to provide a safe and healthy working environment.
  • You can be assured that Merge Print Mail as your design and print partner is doing its part to create a healthier and more sustainable environment.

    We'll be updating this page on a regular basis and include photographs of our worm farm, vegetable garden and recycling facilities.

    Our aim is to be 100% green powered, support us so that we can acheive that goal.

    The only waste our printer generates: Empty ink cartridge waste we've generated in the first 8 months since we started (these are 1L containers and empty containers are recycled). Not much is it? Especially when you compare it to the amount of waste offset printing produces. And remember we use a high capacity machine capable of running up to 1 million impressions a month.

    Our current solar output;